Home Technology Basics 1

October 24th, 2014:

Power Plug

A huge part of every modern luxury home is its technology. And every home network begins with its electrical wiring.  If you look inside the walls of some luxury homes, you will find Category 6 (for Gigabit Ethernet) electrical wires.  Category 6 is the thickest wiring available, with the largest bandwidth.  This allows maximum speed on all your computers and digital devices.  It is why your computer is lightening fast.

Here’s the “twist”: As the wiring is pulled through walls and around corners, if it bent too tightly – even once – it is no longer Category 6.

How can you, the homeowner, possibly know if the wiring has been carefully pulled through the walls and around the corners of your home?  Unless you are ready to break through some drywall, you can’t.  You must depend on the builder to have done the right thing.

SeBern has been in business for over 20 years and has a perfect rating from the Better Business Bureau.  A record like that is almost unheard-of in construction.   Committed, painstaking craftsmanship, home after home, day after day, year after year, has built this reputation.

Not only does SeBern use Category 6 for Gigabit Ethernet in our new homes, but we (upon request) also add chases or conduits for future wires – that way, as technology advances, your homes will be ready to accept the new updates.

If you want the latest, fastest computers, TVs, appliances, etc., you need to do more than seek out the latest technologies and fastest Internet services.  You need to choose a builder and/or remodeling company that never cuts corners – or tightly twists Category 6 wiring inside them!

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