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Have you ever noticed that, whether you are alone, or with your spouse and/or children, or with a parent or grandparent or friend, or during a party or holiday with dozens of guests, at some point, everyone will gather in your kitchen?

The kitchen is the gathering place of the home. If there is one most important room in your house, this is it. And the modern kitchen is something to behold. We divide it into three elements, each filled with innovations and ideas. This is simplistic, since the floor, ceiling, lighting, windows (natural light), etc. are all vital. But for the purpose of this blog, please consider the following:


The design of your kitchen, on computer (CAD) and paper, long before the first workman arrives, is the best and easiest place to get creative. Try to list your needs in depth. The architectural plan will allow cabinetry and appliances to adjust to traffic flow, workflow (hot areas like stoves and microwaves, dishes, silverware, washing areas for vegetables, cutting and carving areas for breads and meats, serving areas, etc.), how wide the cabinet doors open, corner spaces, pantries, and so on. This is where a kitchen specialist like a CKD can shine.

Modern cabinetry is so beautiful and detailed, that it is actually some of the finest furniture in your home. It comes in styles from classical, traditional, and transitional, to ultra-modern Italian and Scandinavian. Woods remain the most popular materials, but stains and colors abound. Corner cabinets sometimes include a lazy Susan, to make the best use of dead space. Often, these built-in racks are stainless steel. Sliding towel racks and dual garbage bins (for throw outs and recyclables) are common.   Drawers roll open and close almost by themselves. Countertops are nearly impervious to scratches and stains. (Watch out for white marble countertops – red wine will almost always stain them!)

How to choose among the many different brands of cabinets, almost all of which feature superb quality? Depend on your SeBern expert.

SeBern Custom HomesAPPLIANCES

This is so much fun, and so very expensive! We are blessed to have so many fantastic manufacturers and products at our fingertips…famous names like Kitchen Aid, Bosch, GE, Sub-Zero, Amana, Miele, Samsung, Whirlpool, Thermador, Fisher and Paykel, Maytag, LG, Viking, Frigidaire, and on and on.

Products include these and so many more: microwaves; convection ovens; computer-driven refrigerators with ice water dispensers; refrigerators that open side by side; with bottom or top freezers; compact refrigerators; built-in refrigerators; French door refrigerators; counter-depth refrigerators; refrigerators with dual side cooling; refrigerators with built-in TV and satellite radio; refrigerators with detachable LCD tablets and iPhone, I pad, and iPod docking and charging; refrigerators with digital photo displays and/or digital temperature sensors; vegetable sinks (often in islands); sinks extra-deep for pots; sinks with special drainage; disposals; compactors; special filters and spouts for drinking water and/or hot water for coffee or tea; dishwashers that clean top and bottom separately, in case they are only half-full; special hoods and downdrafts; warming drawers; electric and gas cooktops; electric radiant cooktops; ranges; wall ovens; freezers; ice makers; refrigerated wine racks and beverage centers; energy-efficient models of almost every appliance; and on and on.

Pick the best for your needs – let our experts help you make your selections.


Just in case you had not noticed, the computer age is upon us. You will want a computer and monitor in your kitchen, and possibly a TV and sound system, home security system, plus a possible charging station and storage for iPhones, iPods, iPads, etc.   And you need extremely high speed Category 6 cabling in your walls for the biggest possible bandwidth and fastest speed.In other words, you need to depend on your builder or remodeler to build all this in, and to never cut corners during construction. SeBern Custom Homes

So, it all comes down to your builder, and SeBern, with over 20 years of experience and a network of the very finest craftsmen in the area, is among the very best. Call us for an appointment and to brainstorm new ideas. 630-377-7767.

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