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Many homeowners love their homes and neighbors and communities, their children’s schools and parks, their shopping and entertainment and transportation. But their needs have changed, and their homes need major overhauls…home additions for entertaining (kitchen and space), for new children or grandchildren, for a new business, or a separate, first floor suite for elderly parents (no stairs), etc.

If your lifestyle has changed but you love living in your present home, call us. Our innovative architects, interior design experts and construction professionals will work with you, and they’ll also show you how a large scale SeBern remodel can substantially add to the resale value to your home.

SeBern’s remodeling division can do all these projects for you, and many more. Your home can be transformed to meet your ever changing needs, as your family grows and your life situations shift.




Complete rehab and restoration of residence.


Before After


Complete rehab and restoration of residence in Oak Park IL.


Before     After

Complete rehab and restoration of residence in Clarendon Hills IL.


Clarendon Hills   Clarendon Hills

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