-Where Creativity Lives

Your home starts in your imagination and comes to life in the actual structure.  In between is the most crucial step: the architectural design.

At SeBern, we have a passion for design – it is where creativity lives.  You get the best of both worlds – innovative, brilliant, award-winning architecture and one of the Chicago area’s finest quality builders to transform those plans into structures that are rock-solid and will last for generations.  We continue to create homes that set new standards in design.  There is little we cannot accomplish – or create.

Our design department is an art and architecture studio within a building company.  The homes available in our Estate Series illustrate the range of our talent, energy and creative intelligence.  When we create true custom homes or remodel, we begin with years of intensive architectural education, many more years of experience, extensive CAD (computer aided design) training, a pencil, a blank sheet of paper, an open mind – and our ears.  We are excellent listeners, especially when our homeowners are talking.  We also carefully note our client budgets.  Then we begin the process of creating stimulating inspirations for your home.

No matter what your desires, we will accomplish them for you and save you money – because we are “design+build.”

“Design+Build” – exactly whshutterstock_129982952at does that mean?  It means we have our own architects.  While we can certainly work with your architect if you wish, the design+build model is much more efficient.  Here, builders who are experienced in construction hold architectural designers – artists/engineers – to client budgets.  And there can be no finger pointing or miscommunications between architect and builder when they work for the same company, in offices next to each other.In a design+build firm like SeBern, builder and architect put together one single, streamlined plan – and the homes or remodels tend to come in at a much better price.  It just makes more sense: the architect for inspiration and creativity and the builder to constantly review the plans for budget and structural integrity.

At SeBern, you get a team of talented professionals who work together and always have your best interests at heart.  See for yourself – call us for an appointment.  Call 630-377-7767.


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