Estate Series


The Westbury The Sevoy Manor
The Savannah The Seville
The Vallette The Juliette
The Camelot The Bella Vista


Every bit as large and prestigious as true custom homes, our Estate Series homes are already drawn (by our architect), planned on existing lots by our executives and priced by our estimators.  So, they can be completed much faster (saving you money on interest for the land), without any additional architectural fees, without many gut-wrenching decisions, on time and on budget.  You know up-front that these are innovative designs for modern lifestyles, artful exteriors and functional, beautiful interiors with style, warmth and purpose.

Pick any one of the models on this page and we will build it for you.  We know from experience that you
and your family will love living in it.  True style begins with function, and these layouts have been perfected.  Construction is tried and true.  Aesthetics are exquisite throughout.  The most up-to-date technologies have been built in and the homes are wired for those not yet invented.  Communities are safe; neighborhoods are gorgeous; schools are top-notch; suburbs are prestigious; garages are enormous and roads are superb; parks and facilities are overflowing; shopping, restaurants and public transportation are optimal.

Call us for an appointment at 630-377-7767.  Come see for yourself how wonderful your home and your future can be.

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