Good To Great

In the book, Good to Great, author Jim Collins states that Good is the enemy of Great. It’s a natural human tendency to feel that Good is Good Enough. And if you become satisfied with Good Enough, you will never push yourself to reach Great.

After our painfully slow recovery from the Great Recession, and with the media inundating us every minute of every day with fears – fears of terrorism, fears of nuclear war, fears of inflation, fears of economic collapse, fears of climate change, fears of things we will probably never have to face – it’s easy to enjoy a small life and think, “This is good enough.”

But it’s not. Not in America. Not in 2015.

Think of it: we are blessed. In the history of mankind, there has never been such an opportunity to fulfill our talents and abilities. The American systems – our government, our culture, our laws, our religious freedom, our military, our capitalistic economy, our financial system, our tolerance and innovative nature – combine to unleash human potential.

Our company, SeBern, creates custom homes and does large scale remodeling. We are filled with committed craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to designing and building great homes for great people, smart people. A couple of years ago, residential real estate values decreased for the first time since World War II. To most, it seemed like the sky was falling. But values never fell by much for high-end real estate, and now they are back and on the increase again. Right now, the stars seem to be in alignment. Real estate values are up, the market is soaring, jobs – good jobs — are back, productivity is up, new technologies and medical advances are letting us live longer and better.

As business owners, we can’t afford to be naïve or overly optimistic. But we know, and you know, that it’s time to stop settling for Good Enough. If you are interested in building your family legacy, your estate, your dream home, let’s talk about it. Call Julie Bernhard today. Her phone number is 630-377-7767.

It’s a Great time to be alive. Don’t settle for less than a Great life and a Great home.