Hot Home Design Trends To Consider Right Now

As the spring season nears, many homeowners are considering their next home remodeling project and many would-be custom homeowners are getting ready to break ground on their new construction. So, it’s time to think about some of the hot trends for 2019 that have been identified by design industry experts.  Here is what to look for, as well as consider, as you get ready to make your home standalone in its style.

Full-Height Backsplashes Are In

Home design professionals state that we are going to be seeing a lot more backsplashes that stretch from a kitchen counter clear up to the ceiling, complementing the space behind range hoods and floating shelves, and delivering a seamless, clean, and cohesive appearance.

It’s Dark and Moody In Here

And that’s a good thing!  Houzz experts say that homeowners are going to be introducing moodier and darker tones in 2019.  Hues such as navy, eggplant, and forest green are trending right now, and offer a significant departure and way more depth to interiors when compared to the stark white and bright colors that have dominated for years running.  Yes, it’s true that the thought of putting a dark color on a wall could initially have a homeowner dragging their proverbial paintbrush; the fact is, these colors, when implemented into an interior design, can actually create a warm, inviting, and comfortable space.  Of course, an interior designer should be consulted here to create the right look for the area.

Enjoy Your Tub

This is going to be welcome news to bubble bath lovers…your bathtub should be a destination. Bathrooms are shifting from utilitarian to spa-like, and homeowners today are more focused on ensuring that every component in the room is comfortable—including the tub.  Soaking tubs are very hot right now and it’s not uncommon for homeowners faced with a bathroom remodel to steal space from other areas, such as hall closets, to increase the room’s size so larger and more welcoming amenities can be introduced.

A Black-Tie Kitchen

Called the “Tuxedo” kitchen, this isn’t exactly a new trend, but it’s one that we haven’t seen for a while.  Implementing black on island accents, range hoods, cabinets, and other surfaces, this is a departure from the all-white kitchens that have been the standard go-to in many homes.  The black contrasts with other white surfaces such as backsplashes, countertops, and walls—and also serves to easily cover up scuff marks caused by everyday life, your kids, or your pets.

Put Your Feet Up with Built-In Benching

Looking for a place to plop down?  Then look no further than built-in benching in kitchens, dining nooks, and offices. While this can be expensive at times to implement, it’s pleasing to the eye, provides effortless seating, and adds a level of custom chic to your space that is hard to compete with.

Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home—Inside and Out

Another popular trend in custom homes and in remodeling projects is to open up your kitchen to the outside of the home. Popular amongst fans of entertaining as well as cooking aficionados, this custom home idea allows you to expand the space of the kitchen, add texture through indoor/outdoor finishes and decorations, provide extra, natural light, and create extra seating.  Of course, collapsible doors and window walls are part of the equation to keep the elements out.

Create a Space that Is Unique to You

These are just a few ideas to entertain as you consider your next remodel project or build your custom home in 2019.  Know that you have so many options and ideas at your disposal in order to truly make your home reflect your lifestyle and needs—and we would love to chat with you about them!  Contact SeBern Custom Homes today and let’s start a conversation!

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