Hot Products Used In New Home Construction

New home construction is indeed an art form—and like any creative endeavor, the one constant that is present is change. Many industry experts believe that the much anticipated and predicted revolution in construction is finally here—and that technology has truly permeated the industry. As such, in this post we will examine some of the innovative new construction materials that could make a big splash in your new home construction project.

Next Generation Building Materials

Stronger. Lighter. Improved Sustainability. All of these are drivers in the building materials of the future. Materials are being engineered to be smarter, easier on the environment, sleeker, and self-sustaining. New home construction will ultimately be offered the chance to reduce its carbon footprint through improved building techniques and revolutionary products.

  • Self-Healing Concrete: This is concrete that is made with water-activated bacteria. The bacteria produce calcite, which heals cracks. Created by Dr. Shlangen, a Dutch Civil Engineer working at Delft University, self-healing concrete is the result of a biological reaction. When a crack appears in the concrete, water seeps into this area. The bacteria are awakened and germinate, feeding on calcium lactate in the concrete and producing insoluble limestone, which hardens and fills the cracks without any external assistance. What’s more is that the sustainability of this product is incredible. The bacteria can lay dormant for—get this—200 years! And the cost savings is significant. It’s currently estimated that self-healing concrete could save $90M annually!
  • Translucent Wood: This is color-stripped wood that offers better insulation, strength, and biodegradability. Primarily used in solar panel cells, window glass replacements, natural indoor lighting, and contemporary structures, translucent wood was developed by KTH Royal Institute of Technology researchers located in Stockholm, Sweden. The product is being heralded as a material that could revolutionize the way new home construction projects are developed. Translucent wood is stronger and more insulating than glass and biodegrades better than plastic. Plus, it will not shatter on impact. There is still some development needed here as current testing shows that translucent wood offers around 85% transparency.
  • Cooling Systems in Bricks: Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia students combined clay and hydrogel and ultimately developed a new material that offers a temperature reducing effect on building interiors. Known as a hydroceramic, these bricks, when implemented into a structure can reduce indoor temperatures by about six degrees Celsius. Ultimately, it’s the hydrogel in the structure that is the catalyst—it absorbs water, up to 500 times its own weight. Then, the absorbed water is released, which serves to reduce the temperature of the structure on a hot day.
  • Nanocrystal: This product will make windows in new home construction smarter. It works like this: Crystalline nanoparticles allow natural light to pass through glass while simultaneously blocking heat. In turn, this product, when used in smart dynamic windows will allow a homeowner to control how much light gets through their windows while reducing HVAC costs in hot summer months. Sound intriguing? The good news is these windows are already available on the market.
  • Pollution-Absorbing Brick: With the capability of blocking up to 30% of fine pollutants and 100% of coarse pollutants, these incredible bricks are double-layered and insulated. They release filtered air and self-sustaining ventilation, truly creating a “green” building. What’s more, the technology behind creating such a product is touted to be relatively inexpensive—and it doesn’t only work to serve the building it is implemented in. The bricks actually suck air like a vacuum cleaner, meaning the surrounding environment also benefits.

This is only a small list of all of the innovative and visionary products that are set to shake up the new home construction industry. For more information on hot products that could be used in your home to make it greener, more sustainable, and eco-conscious, contact SeBern Custom Homes today and set up a consultation. We are happy to help you build the home of your dreams while also being kind to the earth!

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