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How Long Will It Take to Design and Build Your Home?

A common question on the minds of many would-be custom homeowners, it’s always fair to ask: just how long is this going to take?

Unfortunately, there is not a hard and fast answer here—there is no “silver bullet” per se in determining this because a lot of factors are involved. However, there is good news, too—when you work with a reputable design build custom home builder, you should be provided with a detailed plan about what to expect and complete transparency in what the process will actually look like. Just keep in mind, there are a lot of factors that can slow this down, as well. Here, we will address a typical timeline from the moment you start designing your custom home with SeBern Custom Homes through ground breaking, construction, and finally—move in.

All in all, know that our normal process, give or take, is about a year—with “about” being the keyword to pay attention to!

First Things First

When you make the decision to partner with a design build custom builder like SeBern, know that the first thing that will happen is you will be provided with a detailed proposal with regard to your unique project.  This proposal is an estimate of what your custom home project looks like and we work with you one-on-one on this to understand your budget and vision, learn about your style, and truly discuss what is realistic. It’s only after you review and approve the proposal that our process then begins—and then we begin working with you to design the plans with our architect.  Ultimately, this is a key point, you want your builder to drive the process right from the design stage, and not bring them preformed plans, as they understand the components of what is going to make your project a success.

Once the design process begins, you can expect it to take 2-3 months on average.  Keep in mind that variables can be present here and are related to just how prepared the client is (that’s you!), how big the project is, as well as how complex the design ends up being.  

On to Construction

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the normal amount of time it takes, from ground breaking to the moment that you get to move in to your custom home, is usually nine months to one year. Remember, the construction process is fluid and many factors can impact timelines. Consider the following issues and situations that could mean a longer time until you get to enjoy your new home:

  • Your custom home project is really complex and/or large. The bigger the house the longer it takes to construct—there is no way around this fact. However, also know that a smaller home that has more intricate design details to implement can also take some time to build!
  • The home’s footprint is complex. If a home’s design features complexity in the foundation, framing, trim, etc., then be prepared for a longer construction process.  The same holds true in this regard to the internal design elements. Custom homes usually feature a lot of unique components and design elements—all of this adds time to the construction process.  And you shouldn’t be upset about this—you want the amazing details and you want your initial vision to be realized, that’s why you are building a custom home!
  • Weather can cause delays. There is no way around this—if Mother Nature decides to cause headaches that result in delays, there is nothing that a custom home builder can do. Weather delays cannot be controlled.
  • Your project requires a large number of specialty subcontractors. You know the old adage about having too many cooks in the kitchen? Well, the same holds true to custom home building. The more subs that a contractor has to schedule, the longer the process takes. It’s true that more than one sub can work on a site at a time, but you also want to partner with a contractor who is able to control the madness and confusion—and not rush through trying to get everything done.
  • Your responsiveness matters, too. You must exercise responsibility as it pertains to keeping the process on schedule. As a homeowner, you will be provided a schedule pertaining to selections—and you must be able to make decisions by certain deadlines. Dragging your feet in decision-making will slow down the process.

Finally, one other big factor in how efficient the construction process is with your custom home project centers on the contractor you choose. At SeBern Custom Homes, we believe that there is both an art and a science behind the design of a custom home and scheduling a construction project through to completion. We have built our reputation on keeping our clients happy, mitigating issues, and ensuring your custom home is everything you dreamt it would be—from the initial proposal process through to design and then construction.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your new home construction project. Reach out to our team today and take the first step in making your custom home dream a reality.

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