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Luxury Additions You Absolutely Need in Your Custom Home

One of the great things about building a custom home from the foundation up is the fact that you, as the would-be custom homeowner, hold all of the cards.  You get to envision what your dream home looks like, you have the ability to brainstorm on what’s important to you, and ultimately, you get to make it a reality with the help of a design build custom home builder.

Here at SeBern Custom Homes, we love working with our clients through personalized consultation to understand what your vision is.  At the same time, we also enjoy making some thoughtful suggestions based on what you tell us about your lifestyle and what’s important to you.  As such, here are some popular luxury additions as you begin thinking about what your future home encompasses and what it looks like. Do any of these luxury additions appeal to you?

Turn Your New Home into a Dream Retreat

  • Channel your inner chef.  No matter if your culinary skills rival the talent on the Food Network   or if you are simply great at hiring a chef when you entertain, you absolutely must consider a gourmet kitchen in your new custom home. Gourmet kitchens are hot commodities by both those who love cooking as well as those who love to entertain. Think about some of these great gourmet kitchen features:
    • A spacious, welcoming kitchen layout
    • Multiple sinks to accommodate both prep as well as cleanup
    • Lighting above the cabinetry and below the toe kick
    • Multiple island areas to offer additional counter space
    • Full-height stone backsplash
    • Heavy-duty countertop materials, like Quartz
    • A walk-in pantry as well as other additional storage areas
    • Additional strategically placed lighting
    • Top-quality appliances as well as specialty items like a convection microwave, double oven, and warming drawer
  • Did someone say they want to go to the movies? Why go out to the movies when you can stay in and relax in your PJs in your very own in-home theater? Having this luxury addition in your custom home is a perfect way to entertain all of your friends or simply have a chill night with your family. What’s more is that in-home theaters can offer all of the perks and conveniences that are found in a public movie theater including professional grade surround sound, reclining chairs, and much more. Plus, there is an obvious perk. With your own in-home theater you don’t have to pay for tickets and you will never be shushed for not turning off your cell phone.
  • Get ready to pop some bottles. If you are a person who loves and enjoys wine, then you must consider a wine cellar in your new custom home. No matter if you simply want to add a bit more space to your home’s bar or if you want to incorporate a grand temperature-controlled room to store all of your fine vintages, the sky is the limit! Plus, with this you reap many benefits. You protect your collection, you can ensure your wine is stored in such a way where it will not spoil and you make sure your bottles are organized.
  • This place is going to the dogs. Finally, when you are building your custom home, don’t forget about your four-legged friends. Therefore, while you construct your dream home, do the same for Fido. Premier doghouses are very hot right now and no matter if your pooch is better suited to a comfortable log cabin or has higher end tastes requiring a doggie mansion, it can be built. When all is said and done, your furry friend is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Intrigued by any of these luxury addition ideas? Have something else in mind? We’d love to speak with you about it. As design build custom home builders, the team at SeBern Custom Homes loves working hand-in-hand with our clients. We partner with you right from the design stage to help you realize your vision—and we invite you to contact us today to set up a free consultation. Reach out now!

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