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SeBern is a true design+build firm, with award-winning architects, estimators, engineers, construction superintendents, project coordinators, and carpenters on staff. We have long-standing, superb relationships with some of the area’s finest interior designers, landscape architects, construction companies, etc. We can build or remodel on your site or ours, and we own some of the most exquisite lots in some of the most prestigious neighborhoods and subdivisions in Illinois. We have systems and procedures in place that will save you time and money.

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Simply, we listen to our homeowners and home buyers. We focus on your wants, needs and desires. We hear your dreams. We can build the home you have envisioned, no matter how elaborate. Or, if you just want to build a great house and move in, we will match one of our elegant, impeccable existing designs to your dreams. If you already live in a wonderful place but your needs have changed, we can design and remodel your existing home – we are experts in custom renovations. We also buy existing homes and update/upgrade them so that they are in pristine condition.

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7 of the Most Popular Architectural Features for Luxury Homes in Cary, IL

As you design a luxury home to call your own, there’s an almost limitless number of options before you. These options can be as simple as paint colors, and as sophisticated as architectural flourishes. Indeed, one of the defining aspects of a modern luxury home is that it comes with exquisite architectural features, made to offer both style and function.

At SeBern Custom Homes in Chicago, we’ve provided area homeowners with the full gamut of architectural features. Here are a few that are especially popular.

7 Popular Architectural Features for Luxury Homeowners

  1. Spaces that blur the lines between inside and out. It’s natural to want plenty of options for entertaining guests in your luxury home—and in particular, we talk to many homeowners who request seamless transitions between their indoor living space and their outdoor living space. There are different ways to achieve this goal: Some homeowners choose to decorate their outdoor living area in a way that replicates their interior design, while others actually prefer indoor areas that gracefully open up to the world beyond.
  2. Lavish bathrooms. Some bathrooms are strictly utilitarian; they provide just space enough for homeowners to do what they need to do, then move on with their day. But today’s luxury homeowners want something more than that. They want generous, sprawling spaces into which they can retreat, enjoying a real spa-like atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. In other words, a luxury bathroom can really be an oasis from the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  3. Dressing rooms. Something else that many of today’s luxury homeowners request: A dressing room. Typically, the dressing room is essentially an extension of the living room, and it provides a space where high-end garments can be stored, displayed, and put on. As you consider a dressing room, make sure you include mirrors, good lighting, and a walk-in closet area where accessories and shoes can be placed.
  4. Exercise rooms. There’s certainly nothing wrong with heading out to the gym to work out in a group—but what about those days when you just want a little privacy to get in a run on the treadmill, or a few minutes on the Peloton bike? A home exercise room can offer exactly that, and it doesn’t have to be quite as lavish as a full-fledged home gym. A nice, generous space for a few exercise machines, plus a mounted TV and a rack for a home weight training set, can be more than sufficient.
  5. Bold kitchens. The kitchen is often said to be the most important room in the house; certainly, kitchens provide luxury homeowners with a lot of options for customization. An ideal kitchen is highly functional but also stylish. It might have brilliant colors and vibrant design features, yet it’s also important to ensure ample storage space, plenty of cooking surfaces, and perhaps even a “chef’s table” area for intimate family meals, close to where the food is actually prepped.
  6. Smart home technology. Today’s architects are often called upon to design houses that can accommodate smart home automation. Exactly what that looks like can vary from one homeowner to the next, but some common desires include automated home security, smart thermostats and climate control, robust home theater systems, and the ability to check doors and windows from an app, even while many miles from home. Smart home automation is something to start thinking about early in the home design process, as your particular smart home desires can have implications for the overall layout of the home.
  7. Sustainability. Finally, we’ve encountered a number of homeowners who want their luxury property to be carbon-neutral, or at least as close to it as possible. There are a number of ways to make that happen, and even a big garden area can provide some carbon offsets. Solar panels may be the most significant sustainability trend, followed closely by energy efficient windows and doors. For those to whom sustainability is a major goal, there are a number of highly pragmatic options that can be woven into the architecture of the home itself.

Which Architectural Features are Important to You?

As you explore different options for your home, there are really no right or wrong answers; it’s all a matter of deciding what’s most important for your lifestyle. The team at SeBern Custom Homes can show you some of the available options and help you determine which features are right for you. Contact us directly to begin that conversation.