Tips For Picking Your Custom Home Builder

Building a custom home that represents your own individual style and taste is always a considerable investment—therefore, you want to ensure you are partnering with a custom home builder who you trust and feel confident in.  If you choose well, you will benefit by feeling as if you have a partner and advisor.  They will help you bring your custom home dream to life and create a dwelling that you will fall in love with.  However, if you choose poorly, well, you might not only experience headaches during the building process but be left with regret in the long term.

How to Decide on a Custom Home Builder

Firstly, never rush your decision-making process. Do your due diligence by following this advice.

Quality counts.  Your custom home is a place where you will put down roots.  Your kids will grow up here.  It’s a space where memories will be made, where you will entertain and celebrate life’s milestones, and where you will simply hunker down and read a good book on a weekend afternoon.  Ultimately, your custom home will be the backdrop of your life, so the last thing you want to worry about is constant repairs, structural issues, or other expensive situations that could arise if you do not partner with a quality builder.

With that being said, when you select a custom home builder, consider the quality of their past work and realize it ties directly to their reputation.  Check their references, see if you can tour other homes they have worked on, and get into the nitty gritty about the structural materials that are not visible to the eye.  You want someone who can ensure that your home has a solid foundation and who uses high quality products and materials during construction.  This means that you should not only worry about the visible finishes—but also what’s happening behind your walls, in crawl spaces, and more.  Your home builder should focus on quality from the ground up.

Research—and then research some more.  There is no such thing as doing too much research or due diligence when selecting a builder.  While this might seem a bit overwhelming, our advice to you is to start with looking at builders who specifically operate in the area where your future home will be built.  Ask friends and family members who have custom homes if they can provide word-of-mouth referrals.  Once you have a list of a few builders, conduct interviews, review their portfolios, and consult floor plans they have created in the past.

The builder should value transparency. This is crucial.  Any builder you consider for your custom home should be open and honest with you.  They should be absolutely delighted to answer any question you present, offer timelines for the project, and deliver a well-thought-out estimate to you in a timely fashion.   They should be able to communicate their company philosophy and mission, speak knowledgeably about the products and materials used, and never be evasive or refuse to answer questions.  No builder should ever discount a worry or concern you express, and they should never offer vague details.  If they do, take this as a red flag, and look elsewhere.

Ask questions and communicate.  No matter if this is the first time or the fifth time you have built a custom home, you should never hesitate to ask questions and a good builder will never dither in answering them.  Plus, you should feel comfortable with your builder, meaning they should be able to mirror your communication style.  For instance, if you love to talk one-on-one on the phone, then your builder should have the time for you.  Likewise, if you email, they should respond promptly.  Your builder should encourage your questions, and make you feel like you, and you alone, are their sole focus.  Remember, you are making a big investment in your future home, the builder you select should honor that, offer you their trust and support, and work to make the road through building and construction as smooth and efficient as possible.

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